Saturday, July 19, 2014

Poem: Last Night

I admit I've been think about you lately
but that is nothing new

all that changes is what I think about
when I think about you

I've been thinking about the last night
and what I said
and what you said
and what I could have said
and what you would have said

and what could have happened
if everything went differently

then instead of being the last night
it could have been the first

I could have told you we could go away
somewhere new where nothing mattered

I would write poems
and you would paint pictures

you would paint pictures of me writing poems about you
and I would write poems about you painting pictures of me

but there is no such place
and there is no such time

where we can be just us

and as much as I like to dream
about different possibilities

I still have to admit
that I know
what your answer would have been.

-Jerry the Bird (1976)

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